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Fungimap 8 Conference

16-21 April 2015 in Bateman's Bay, 
New South Wales


Visit http://fungimap.org.au 
to put your name down so you will be contacted when registration opens in early 2015.


Unfortunately the Perth Urban Bushland Fungi Project has come to the position where there are no funds to operate it over the 2012 fungi season.

This means there will be no fungi events for the general public this winter. 


PUBF website now linked with Atlas of Living Australia at http://www.ala.org.au/  Now including some images from the Perth fungi book.

Reports about fungi of Kings Park and Bold Park are now posted on the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority website at: www.bgpa.wa.gov.au/kings-park/biodiversity/fungi  http://www.bgpa.wa.gov.au/bold-park/biodiversity/fungi
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Perth Urban Bushland Fungi project is a community based organisation that

promotes an understanding of the roles of fungi in bushland

During winter, the Perth Urban Bushland Fungi Project gather enthusiasts and curious people to discover some of Perth's beautiful, colourful, bizarre and grotesque fungi. To learn more about forays into the field click here

The projects's fungi leaders take small groups of people and show them how to recognise the signs of fungi emerging from leaf litter or pushing through soil. Often a leader will know what the fungus is and what role it plays in the bushland, but sometimes there are new discoveries to be made.

Using simple surveying equipment and the Fungi Field Book, PUBF documents the diversity, abundance and distribution of fungi. While there is little knowledge about many aspects of fungi, the baseline data collected by PUBF contributes to information held at the WA Herbarium for future scientific programs. To learn more about the species see the Perth Fungi Field Book.

Perth's fungi are beginning to reveal their hidden secrets, often raising more perplexing puzzles or challenges for management of our bushland.

Teaches people to identify fungi
Explains the role of fungi in bushland ecosystems
Works with community groups to collect data on fungi
Creates inventories of fungi for Perth bushlands
Builds a reference collection of bushland fungi at the Western Australian Herbarium
Fosters a volunteer and salaried fungi workforce in the field, laboratory and herbarium
Provides promotional, educational and scientific material, conducts fungi workshops and presentations
Encourages Federal, State and Local Governments to integrate fungi into natural resource management strategies










Project Establishment

Perth Urban Bushland Fungi (PUBF) project is a collaborative organisation established in 2004 by the Urban Bushland Council and the Western Australian Naturalists' Club, in conjunction with, the Department of Environment and Conservation's (DEC) Western Australian Herbarium, and with financial support from Lotterywest. In 2007, the Urban Bushland Council considered that it had successfully overseen the establishment of PUBF and passed on its role as project manager to the Western Australian Naturalists' Club. Since the inception of PUBF its operations have been based at the Western Australian Herbarium.

For many years, particularly in the decade prior to the initiation of PUBF, many well attended fungi forays and workshops had been held in urban bushlands of the Perth Metropolitan Region. These events highlighted growing requests by community and professional land managers to address the generally low level of awareness and knowledge about local fungi and their roles in bushland management.  PUBF formed to address this gap and aims to improve data, awareness and knowledge so that fungi become an integral part of long-term bushland management.

PUBF has utilised community assistance to survey and collect fungi from a wide range of vegetation and soil types within the coastal plain area of the Perth Metropolitan Region, the area covered by Bush Forever (Government of Western Australia, December 2000).  Community involvement has been a vital part of the success of all phases of PUBF. People from 'Friends Groups' and others in the community have assisted in finding and recording fungi in Perth bushlands.

Project Tools

Perth Fungi Field Book

This pioneering concept Field Book was released in May 2005 and is updated and expanded annually to incorporate additional fungi species and improvements suggested by the users. 

Georeferencing System

Devised by John Weaver (PUBF Volunteer) this system enables PUBF to record the exact location of fungi when surveying. The system links a GPS, digital camera and computer based mapping system to produce an electronic record of where a photograph was taken - click here for more Georeferencing System Brochure

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