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A guide to viewing the Field Book in Acrobat Reader:

What can I gain over the printed version?
The PDF/electronic version of this version of the Field Book contains internal links and bookmarks that will make finding things faster and swapping between pages more convenient and pleasurable.

Thus we highly recommend:

  • you make yourself familiar with the latest functions of Adobe Reader- summarized below;
  • and install the latest, free, version of Adobe Reader if you do not have Version 7 (released in 2007) or later. These later versions will give you all the functionality discussed. It is not essential to have these versions but it is recommended.

This snapshot shows the main functions we recommend:


 Other functions include:

  • Returning to the page you came from (after you click on a link) - to do so use the Alt + Left Arrow combination. This is very useful when using the links between indexes and the species descriptions – as you can flip between the two without losing your place in the index.
  • Finding text. Go to the "Find" box near top right hand corner and enter some text and then hit enter key. Remember to keep the search text short.
  • View two pages at once - side by side. In the top most, word menu click View, then Page Display, then Two-up.
  • Roll the middle scroll button on your mouse to move to next page.
  • To zoom in or out, either click on the '-' or '+' circles, or select a zoom from the drop down box as shown below. These are located in the top menu.


Download from the general field book page.

Last Updated ( Friday, 12 September 2008 )