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Fungimap 8 Conference

16-21 April 2015 in Bateman's Bay, 
New South Wales


Visit http://fungimap.org.au 
to put your name down so you will be contacted when registration opens in early 2015.


Unfortunately the Perth Urban Bushland Fungi Project has come to the position where there are no funds to operate it over the 2012 fungi season.

This means there will be no fungi events for the general public this winter. 


PUBF website now linked with Atlas of Living Australia at http://www.ala.org.au/  Now including some images from the Perth fungi book.

Reports about fungi of Kings Park and Bold Park are now posted on the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority website at: www.bgpa.wa.gov.au/kings-park/biodiversity/fungi  http://www.bgpa.wa.gov.au/bold-park/biodiversity/fungi
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When to see fungi

Fungi may fruit at any time of the year in temperate regions such as Perth, but locally there are at least two distinct fruiting periods.

February to April:

There is often one or more brief annual flushes of fungi in Perth's parks, lawns, and gardens around February to April. Warm, humid days coinciding with bursts of rain will often entice a familiar set of fungi to appear. Many respond rapidly, fruit briefly and disappear. The fungi include those favouring disturbed areas such as the quite long-lasting, dog poo fungus Pisolithus and also fungi common to tropical or subtropical regions such as the green-gilled Chlorophyllum.

May to July:

Most of the fungi occurring in Perth's bushlands do not appear until after the onset of substantial Autumn rains. Mid June to mid July is usually the peak time to search for bushland fungi in the Perth Metropolitan Region, but any time within mid-May through to late July is usually a fruitful period. Several early-season species of large boletes often herald the start of the bushland fungi season, usually in May. Other fungi species appear in succession for various lengths of time over the duration of the season.

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