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Unfortunately the Perth Urban Bushland Fungi Project has come to the position where there are no funds to operate it over the 2012 fungi season.

This means there will be no fungi events for the general public this winter. 


PUBF website now linked with Atlas of Living Australia at http://www.ala.org.au/  Now including some images from the Perth fungi book.

Reports about fungi of Kings Park and Bold Park are now posted on the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority website at: www.bgpa.wa.gov.au/kings-park/biodiversity/fungi  http://www.bgpa.wa.gov.au/bold-park/biodiversity/fungi

New Field Book Now Available

An essential guide to the colourful fungi of Australia’s south west is now available on this site - a greatly expanded new Field Book - Fungi of the Perth Region and Beyond.


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The Perth Fungi Field Book is available for download from the Field Book page of this website. 


Bougher, N.L. (2007) Perth's Fungi Forever. Landscope 22(3): 20-26.

"An introduction to some interesting larger fungi of Western Autralia including an introduction to general fungi charactersitics, the role of fungi in bushland, Perth Urban Bushland Fungi project, some unusual species, native truffles and fungi weeds."

icon Perth's Fungi Forever (a reprint from Landscope) (2.2 MB)


The poster 'Common Fungi of the Perth Region" displays 6 fungi easly seen in most bushlands within the Perth Coastal Plain. The Ghost Fungus is bio-luminescent (take it into a darkened room or observe it at night, in the field protected from light). The Magpie Fungus (Coprinus aff. stanglianus) is believed to be an introduced fungus, a member of the 'ink-cap' family which quickly turns black and 'inky' around the cap as it ages. The pinked gilled Volvariella is often seen in disturbed soils (garden beds or lawns with trees nearby). The Dog Poo fungus is often seen pushing its way up through impacted soils such as road verges and the curry punk will be seen on trees in the bushland. The Golden Wood fungus is common on dead banksia wood in most woodlands.

icon A3 poster Common Perth Fungi (1.52 MB)


The poster "Perth Urban Bushland Fungi" describes some of the activities being conducted as part of this project and provides information on how to participate in the activities and events.

icon A3 poster PUBF Project (1.21 MB)

Image This "Snapshot" poster depicts a time series of photos of a fungus associated with jarrah trees at Bold Park, Perth. 

icon A3 poster Purple Cortinarius (775.5 kB)


This poster "Flora, Fauna and Fungi" highlights macrofungi and their many interactions with animals and plants, and their significance in bushland management, conservation and restoration. The poster was produced for MEDICOS XI conference held in Perth in 2007. Abstract published as Bougher, N.L. (2007) Conservation of ecosystems to conserve fungi to conserve ecosystems. Summary Abstracts (p. 48), Medecos XI, Perth, Western Australia. 

icon A3 poster Flora, Fauna and Fungi (803.78 kB)

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